The all new ThunderPack™ with Thunderbolt™ 2 is here!

ThunderPack™ is a Portable Battery operated Disk Raid Array system; the combination of Video I/O and advanced Networking makes it perfect tool for field On-Set use. ThunderPack™ is a unique solution for all your VR 360 and Digital Film needs, ergonomically designed for maximum usability, performance, resilience and portability.
Digital Film RAID
Store, protect and move your Digital Film assets safely everywhere your production crew goes.
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Video Assist/DITs
Your Swiss army knife for all your rec/play, data wrangling, processing and networking needs.
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VR 360 Data Transport
Move the Terabytes of your VR 360 Film data with unparalleled speed and resilience as if they were your home videos.
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“ThunderPack it’s a pretty awesome, no compromise solution. I love it. Really fantastic, well executed design. The BEST portable DIT solution I have seen so far, hands down.-” Mark Pederson, Offhollywood, ΝΥ-ΝΥ, 15/9/2014
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New ThunderPack™ at NAB 2016 with Thunderbolt™ 2 and 96Tbytes!!!
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