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ThunderPack in Tanzania shooting wildlife

Among the first users of ThunderPack is the Montreal-based VR 360 technology and content innovator Felix & Paul Studios. The problem of handling the vast amount of data that a VR 360 production is called to secure on set is one of a kind. If we add in the equation the task of shooting wildlife in Tanzania then the problem immediately quadruples. The need for a fast, portable, durable and self powered disk array to secure a five day shooting while chasing Elephants ... Read more

ThunderPack at LA CineGear Expo 2015

Come and visit us at CineGear Expo in Los Angeles June 5-6 at YoYotta booth 131 to see the all new ThunderPack. We have great news, come and check out the concept of ThunderPack being used both as a portable system and also as a rack-mounted system! ThunderPack it’s not just a Pelican case hard disk. With the all new ThunderPack 40TBytes of raw storage, LTO, WiFi router, 588Wh of Li-ion battery power for more than 6 hours run time and one ... Read more