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Our strength is our experience

Motion FX Systems is a technology startup and it’s being established in 2014. It develops innovative portable equipment and software for the Digital Film production industry, TV production industry and the Disaster Recovery market.

Company’s Founders have an impressive history in Innovation for the Broadcast and Film Industries.

Founders are pioneers in the field of Digital Video hard disk recording by showcasing in International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2001 at Hall 7 in Amsterdam one of the world first portable On-Set Uncompressed Hard Disk Recording systems designed for digital cinematography and TV production that was also able to do editing while recording, sporting a Terabyte of RAID storage out in the field with the amazing speed of these times of 130Mbytes/sec.
In year 2003 they started to offer services as well as new product offerings. The rental department acquires a Panasonic Varicam and as well as a Viper that both were the first HD cameras in Greece by that time. During Athens 2004 Olympics significant was their services participation in the production of the IOC Athens 2004 official Olympics documentary and the 2004 Special Olympics BBC opening themes.
In 2005 they had invested in 4K film recording and in 2K color grading. By that time where using Silicon Color Final Touch 2K, that later became the well known Apple Color. In the same time they have finished the development of their multi-camera Directors Cut workflow with the production of their iso.ingest system, sales in UK follow and in Russia portable iso.ingests are still in operation. Their involvement at the Eurovision Song Contest production was significant since all finishing and color grading of the country’s id’s had passed through their 2K 4:4:4 to HD mastering process.
In 2007 they have started to offer to clients around the world their innovative services of film recording. The idea was to bundle their film recording service together with color management know how to partners abroad in order them to be able to do high end 2k color grading with unsurpassed WYSIWYG for film-out with the new breed of desktop tools from Apple.
In 2008 mr. E. Achillopoulos was awarded with a European Patent for his innovative studio automation system iso.ingest. The same time they started to develop a relay lens system for 2/3 cameras that was allowing connecting low cost DoF adapters to high end 2/3 camcorders.
In 2009 they sold the first systems of the rev3 of the relay to clients around the world. Additionally they issued there first licensing contract for the Directors Cut studio workflow technology to an Austrian company.
At the end of 2009 they started the development of their innovative portable disk array that was capable to withstand the outdoors production environment of the modern digital cinematography era. FiberPack was a reality; with transfer rate reaching 330Mbytes/sec over 4Gbit Fiber Channel was a true 4K performer.
2010 having already set up a network of 8 partners around the world, in Israel, Egypt, Belgium, Netherlands, New York etc., for their film-out business servicing clients thousands kilometers away while being able to deliver their services with an astonishing color accuracy of just one printer light. Till today they have finished with this workflow more than 20 feature films.
Founders after the diminishing of the Film and the Film as a theatrical delivery medium they made a new start and they turned to what they knew better than anyone, to Portable Hard Disk Systems. That brings to life Motion FX Systems.

Motion FX Systems has developed ThunderPack, a portable device that includes a RAID Hard Disk array together with Video I/O, networking capabilities and power autonomy, which are expected to remove the existing restrictions faced by the audiovisual industry during Digital Filming outdoors. Moreover, the company is developing the new FiberPack, a dual port 16Gbit Fiber Channel RAID array, a portable device that has applications in the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity market segment.