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TunderPack AJA front panel configuration
Panel view ThunderPack BMDCase with wheels sealedThunderPack handle extractedOne man carrying a full ThunderPack BMD system with external monitor and collapse-able chair.Disk canistersLid organizer

ThunderPack AJA

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ThunderPack™ AJA is a revolutionary portable Video Assist/DIT solution for digital film production. Due to its unique shockproof design hosted in a compact IP67 (watertight, dustproof) Pelican™ case, ThunderPack can be used in varying environments and may be easily transported as a carry-on on board an aircraft. It connects to Apple™ MacBook™ computers via Thunderbolt™ technology (upgradable to Thunderbolt 3), tablets and smartphones, and combines: a RAID storage array of up to 96TB (RAID-0) or 88TB (RAID-6) storage capacity, and an LTO-7 for backing up rushes, Gigabit Ethernet and a 3-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for connecting other devices, a WiFi access point and router with DHCP server, and an integrated AJA™ io-4K Thunderbolt 2™ card that allows the operation of video assist software like Q-take in a dual camera setup. ThunderPack AJA is powered by a sophisticated 320W power management system, or by any available 12V solar panel. Resilience and autonomy are assured by an integrated 588Wh Li-ion battery UPS.

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ThunderPack AJA, your dual cam Video Assist all-rounder

ThunderPack combines the flexibility of a system designed to work outdoors and the endurance of datacenter class storage in the modern digital cinema production. ThunderPack AJA provides you with the ability to share data and perform on-set tasks when working outdoors by connecting and using computers and/or tablets. It has an integrated AJA™ io-4K Thunderbolt 2™ card that allows the operation of video assist software like Q-take in a dual camera setup. The high performance array of the system allows concurrent recording and playing from two cameras or even recording dual link RAW images. It includes a Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet adapter and two additional full-power USB-3 ports sharing the same Thunderbolt device chain, an integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch (two external/one internal port), a sophisticated dual band WiFi router/access point (2.5GHz/5GHz) with DHCP server and load balancing.

An integrated ultra fast RAID array based on an ARECA™ controller utilizing Thunderbolt™ 2 technology (upgradable to Thunderbolt™ 3), populated with 24 removable 2.5” drives, capable of reaching the vast capacity of up to 96TB (RAID-0) or 88TB (RAID-6). Due to the number of disks used, the maximum Τhunderbolt™ 2 interface data transfer rate of >1300MB/s is achieved, even when using low cost hard disks. The 12G/s SAS3 port with power to operate up to two optional external LTO-7 devices is crucial for long form productions.


Thunderbolt™ 2 technology (upgradable to Thunderbolt 3)
Rugged, shock resistant design – IP67 case
Gigabit Thunderbolt™ 2 technology adapter for Mac
3 port Gigabit Ethernet switch
Secure WiFi access point and router
AJA io-4k Video I/O
Dual HD-SDI 3G inputs, REF, 1x HD-SDI, 1x HDMI and 1x stereo analogue Audio output
High speed data transfer rate (>1300MB/s) with hardware RAID-6 controller
Storage capacity up to 96TB (24 4TB 2.5″ 12G/s SAS3 6G/s SATA3 hot-swappable disks)
Optional external LTO-7 SAS2 backup device with integrated power supply
6-hour autonomy (Li-ion battery UPS)
250W, 12/24V output power; charge MacBook™ computers and USB devices
TSA friendly and carry-on capable


Uncompromised Production Endurance and Speed

ThunderPack’s combination of 24-drive and RAID-6 capabilities is the cornerstone of its design. By storing its valuable data on such an advanced array, a Digital Film Production enjoys peace of mind due to high grade resilience and sustained performance: stored data are preserved even if two hard disks fail concurrently, whereas at the same time operating at highly sustained performance (read/write) all the way to the last terabyte.By utilizing 24 2.5” drives ThunderPack can store a large amount of data in a small space, as opposed to competing jumbo rack-mount systems packed with a bulky UPS and a generator, in need of a van and a driver that result to an expensive if not prohibitive on-set “out in the wilds” operation.

Powerful Video I/O

ThunderPack AJA carries an AJA io-4k with two HD-SDI and one external genlock input, HD-SDI and HDMI outs, along with two-channel audio. The two AJA HD inputs allow dual camera real time video assist applications like Q-Take to run in addition to other high-end apps.

Novel workflows and user interaction with extended connectivity

The capability to use tablets and smartphones has become imperative in the modern digital film production set. ThunderPack provides users with the ability to access stored data and proxies thereby enabling the use of new workflows and on-site user interaction models, via wireless and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Combined with the appropriate Video Assist software and wireless camera video recording over IP hardware novel workflows can be implemented on-set. An editor on location may also work by having access to shared rushes or proxies using a secondary MacBook Pro through Gigabit wire speed. All networking hardware are integrated in the system, which is ready to accept connections in less than a minute after power-on.

Enjoying power autonomy

The innovative integrated Li-Ion Power Management System (Li-PMS) allows ThunderPack to secure a longer than 6-hour run time. It bares six 98Wh Li-ion extra lightweight hot-swappable batteries of 588Wh total capacity, weighing less than 2.2Kg (4.9lb). Li-PMS can supply more than 320W of raw power to all devices installed, leaving more than 200W available to other external devices/accessories. Using the optional Power Distribution Module (PWRD-Module) you can connect up to two 15” Retina MacBook Pro™ computers (19V) and fast-charge tablets and smartphones via USB (5V-2A), leaving enough 24V or 12V power available to other devices such as two 40W LitePanels™ LED lights, equivalent to 2x200W HMI lights. ThunderPack can operate with a MacBook Pro™ computer, an LTO-6 and two light panels for at least 3.5 hours. The hot-swap battery capability and the ability to connect an up to 160W 12V solar panel to charge the batteries and supply power to the devices ensure ThunderPack’s flexibility when shooting outdoors even in the most remote areas.

Use it On-Set and in Studio

ThunderPack can operate almost everywhere: on a camera cart, in a vehicle, in a helicopter, in direct contact with the ground, or in even up to 37cm (14.6 inches) of water, mud or sand. It can be carried as a backpack and you can even cross a river swimming, since it floats when hermetically closed! You only need to carry the card readers for the corresponding camera system you use. ThunderPack can also compliment more complex setups with iMac™ and MacBook Pro™ computers. By using it in studio, it eliminates the need to move filmed materials to a faster storage system, because it carries one of the fastest RAID-6 disk arrays available. Moreover, ThunderPacks’ open architecture allows you to utilize any ARECA™ controller connected to a drive cage in your studio. You may simply move the disks from ThunderPack to the drive cage and the controller will immediately recognize them.

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Software compatibility Mac OS X 10.8 and above, Assimilate Scratch, YoYotta id and dailies, BMD DaVinci, REDCINE-X Pro, Adobe Video Suite, Final Cut X, BaseLight, Silverstack, LiveGrade, Iridas and more
Main system interface Thunderbolt 2 technology cable for Thunderbolt 2 port baring computers (upgradable to Thunderbolt 3)
RAID sub-system ARECA 1883i SAS 12G, RAID-0, 1, 3, 5, 6
HDD interface 24x 12G/s SAS3 6G/s SATA3 2.5” ports, (max drive height 15mm) with 12G/s SAS3/SATA3 expander (ports occupied if LTO present)
RAID performance Thunderbolt 2 technology max rate: write >1300 MB/s, read >1100 MB/s (using RAID-6)
External LTO interface 4x 12G/s SAS3/SATA3 to SFF-8644 socket 5pin XLR power 12V & 5V 40W total max
Video sub-system AJA io-4K
Video I/O Input: 2-channel audio, 2x HD-SDI, REF
Output: HD-SDI, HDMI, Stereo analogue Audio
Network sub-system Wired: Thunderbolt interface to Gigabit port for MacBook computer, Vigor Gigabit Ethernet Switch (2 external & 1 internal ports)
Wireless: 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz 300Mbps Vigor Router with DHCP management
USB Thunderbolt to 2x USB-3 full power 2A each
Power sub-system 6 x 98Wh Li-ion batteries, 588Wh total battery capacity, 480W DC PSU peak load, 320W continuous
Power input AC: 88-268V 50/60Hz full range
DC (operating): 11-15V, 0-10A
DC (operating & charging): 16-22V and 0-10A
Power output Power rails raw out: 10-19V 25A or 250W max
External case IP67 rugged Peli case with extra wheels baring wheel-suspension
Physical dimensions 487x289x416mm (WxDxH) (19.2”x11.4”x16.4” – 47″) Airline length 119cm
Weight 22.4Kg (49.4lb) with 2TB hard disks and batteries
19.3Kg (42.5lb) without hard disks, with batteries
17.1Kg (37.7lb) without hard disks, without batteries
Operating conditions Temperature: 35.6-118.4 ºF (2-48 ºC) under shade
Humidity: 95% with open cover, closed cover 1m (3.3ft) underwater waterproof for up to 30 min
Altitude: 4,000m (13,000ft) max
Special operating range on request
Acoustics 36dbA at 3.3ft (1m) distance
Included in package ThunderPack AJA, Pelican case 1440 with foam and lid organizer, ThunderPack wheels, six 98Wh Li-ion batteries, twenty-four aluminium disk canisters (hard disks also in 48TB models), Power cord, ThunderPack Softcase