ThunderPack at LA CineGear Expo 2015

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Come and visit us at CineGear Expo in Los Angeles June 5-6 at YoYotta booth 131 to see the all new ThunderPack.

We have great news, come and check out the concept of ThunderPack being used both as a portable system and also as a rack-mounted system!

ThunderPack it’s not just a Pelican case hard disk. With the all new ThunderPack 40TBytes of raw storage, LTO, WiFi router, 588Wh of Li-ion battery power for more than 6 hours run time and one big surprise in the ergonomic use of the system

It’s a whole new design concept for the new era of Digital Cinematography! That’s the patent pending design of the work surfaces of the system which combined with the power independence, makes’ a ThunderPack DIT workstation totally autonomous! With the extensive use of Aluminum and Carbon Fiber we designed an ergonomic wonder for the user!