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ThunderPack™ can operate almost everywhere: on a camera cart, in a vehicle, in a helicopter, in direct contact with the ground, or in even up to 14.6 inches (37cm) of sand, mud or even water! It can be carried as a backpack and you can even cross a river swimming, since it floats when hermetically closed! You only need to carry the card readers for the corresponding camera system you use. ThunderPack can also compliment more complex setups with iMac™ and MacBook Pro™ computers. By using it in studio, it eliminates the need to move filmed materials to a faster storage system, because it carries one of the fastest RAID-6 disk arrays available. Moreover, ThunderPacks’ open architecture allows you to utilize any ARECA™ controller connected to a drive cage in your studio. You may simply move the disks from ThunderPack to the drive cage and the controller will immediately recognize them.

As a production disk array with your existing cart

ThunderPack™ can be your production Raid Array of choice. It can compliment existing cart set-ups by reducing the need for big UPS and rack mounted disk array hardware relieving production from transporting costs and complexity. A ThunderPack™ can download 36TBytes of RAID-6 data in less than 8 hours while other portable systems can do the same depending in the set-up from one day to almost a week. If we consider in the equation the robustness of the design, ThunderPack is the best big-data transporter available today.

Lightweight set-up
Typical cart needs a UPS that can handle a disk array and of coarse the disks array it self, all can weight up to 80 kilos or more. A ThunderPack™ RAID weights less than 22 kilos thus you get less 50 kilos from your set-up which translates to easier transport of the whole rig.
Industry standard RAID
ThunderPack uses an ARECA controller. The user can remove the disks drives from the system, put it in the special antistatic Peli case we provide, ship them to the studio and there, with the use of any ARECA controller connected to a JBOD, access immediately the data from the raid set without the need to copy anything.

All in one Camera Cart solution

The highly integrated nature of ThunderPack™ allows very simple camera cart solutions. Just put in the lower level of the cart ThunderPack and on top your MacBook Pro™, connect your card reader and off you go. Additionally you can use a Digiplate™ to mount your MacBook Pro™ everywhere you like on the cart. I you consider that your ThunderPack™ is also power independent for hours of use imagine what you can do. And just like that you have all the functionally of a typical heavyweight DIT cart has, only with much more convenience and flexibility.

Editor on-set
An editor on-set typically brings an additional MacBook Pro and wants to have access to rushes and proxies. ThunderPack with the integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch and the DHCP server it employs allows two additional computer systems to connect and get the Gigabit speed to the stored files.
WiFi on set
The internal WiFi secure access point of ThunderPack can give access to the stored files in the system and allow the production crew to use iPads and smartphones to implement advanced workflows with third party software for shoot evaluation, comments and in general collaborate together to produce reports for the editorial.

Be totally free from Carts and flexible to move

There are many times that we just need two or three shoots in the middle of nowhere and we just need to light up couple of fill lights. ThunderPack with its ability to supply auxiliary power to external devices like LED panels it has enough capacity to run everything for up to 4 hours. More over with its optional work surface system you can waive the camera cart altogether. So no need for carts, generators, big vans and all the costs associated normally with such a setup. Flexibility that pays back.

Airline friendly
ThunderPack weights about 22kg, the exact limit for an airline check-in luggage using our new SoftCase. Additionally there is a small Pelican case that you can use as a hand bag to store the 24 removable hard disks to feel 100% safe when you travel and you can also remove Li-ion batteries to put them in your carry-on luggage. When using the SoftCase while drooping off as a checked-in luggage you can use the special battery fixture to secure the batteries within the system and not need to carry them with you. In this way ThunderPack weights 16Kg thus it’s easy to pass as a carry-on!
Power independent
Using the optional Power Distribution Module (PWRD-Module) you can connect up to two 15” Retina MacBook Pro™ computers (19V), leaving enough 24V or 12V power available for two 40W LitePanels™ LED lights, equivalent to 2x200W HMI lights. ThunderPack can operate with a MacBook Pro™ computer and two light panels for more than 4 hours.