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ThunderPack™ is designed to use a Pelican™ case as an exoskeleton of an internal chassis that uses a mix of aircraft grade aluminium and Carbon Fiber elements to get as lightweight as possible. There are three layers of shock absorption, one in wheels with silicone shock absorbers, a second in the case foam between peli and chassis and a third one internally whereas everything is mounted in sub cases which in turn are mounted in specially designed shock mounts. Everything inside ThunderPack™ can move up to 8mm while absorbing the energy of shocks without affecting internal components. Measured shock attenuation is almost 20 times, a 100G external shock translates to just 5G shock to internal parts. At the top is the user interface and inside is the hard disk compartment.

Uncompromised Production Endurance and Speed

ThunderPack’s combination of 24-drive and RAID-6 capabilities is the cornerstone of its design. By storing its valuable data on such an advanced array, a Digital Film Production enjoys peace of mind due to high grade resilience and sustained performance: stored data are preserved even if two hard disks fail concurrently, whereas at the same time operating at highly sustained performance (read/write) all the way to the last terabyte. By utilizing 24x 2.5” drives ThunderPack can store a large amount of data in a small space while maintaining high speed transfers in low power mode, as opposed to competing jumbo rack-mount systems packed with a bulky UPS and a generator, in need of a van and a driver that result to an expensive if not prohibitive on-set “out in the wilds” operation.

1   Thunderbolt™ 2 interface
Just one Thunderbolt™ 2 cable and everything is connected at once. In few seconds your MacBook Pro will get everything from Terrabytes of RAID storage, Video I/O, extra USB-3 ports to LAN and WiFi networking connections. New ThunderPack™ is designed to be upgradable to Thunderbolt™ 3 when it will be available
2   GSM/GPS Tracker
Optional GSM/GPS tracker is available that allows you to know always the whereabouts of your ThunderPack. Rental houses can track ThunderPacks and Producers can feel safe knowing that in case of losing a ThunderPack there is a way to find it.
3   Up to 96 TBytes
Maximum protection with RAID-6, storage capacity of 96TB (RAID-0) or 88TB (RAID-6) delivering R/W performance of more than 1300MB/sec till the last terabyte. Open architecture using widely available 24x 2,5″ 15mm hard disk cannisters with full 12Gbps SAS and 6Gbps SATA drive bays allows the use of every low power 2,5″ SSD and Hard Disk available on market thus the user can populate ThunderPack with newest, biggest and fastest devices.
4   Waterproof Pelican™ case
Unique shockproof design hosted in a compact IP67 (watertight, submersible 1m, dustproof) Pelican™ case, ThunderPack can be used in varying environments and may be easily transported as a carry-on on board an aircraft

Enjoying power autonomy

The innovative integrated Li-Ion Power Management System (Li-PMS) allows ThunderPack to secure a longer than 6-hour run time. It bares six 98Wh Li-ion extra lightweight hot-swappable batteries of 588Wh total capacity, weighing less than 2.2Kg (4.9lb). Li-PMS can supply more than 320W of raw power to all devices installed, leaving more than 200W available to other external devices/accessories. Using the optional Power Distribution Module (PWRD-Module) you can connect up to two 15” Retina MacBook Pro™ computers (19V) and fast-charge tablets and smartphones via USB (5V-2A), leaving enough 24V or 12V power available to other devices such as two 40W LitePanels™ LED lights, equivalent to 2x200W HMI lights. ThunderPack can operate with a MacBook Pro™ computer, an LTO-7 and two light panels for at least 3.5 hours. The hot-swap battery capability and the ability to connect an up to 160W 12V solar panel to charge the batteries and supply power to the devices ensure ThunderPack’s flexibility when shooting outdoors even in the most remote areas.

1   588Wh Li-ion power
Six 98Wh Li-ion extra lightweight hot-swappable in pairs batteries with 588Wh total capacity, weighing less than 2.2Kg (4.9lb) for more than 6 hours autonomy that can be charged also by Solar power
2   RAW power out
DC rail RAW power of up to 320W continuous load and 480W peak load at 11v-19v, capable to drive a wide range of external devices using DC to DC power converters. Additionally a Solar power input ensures power autonomy to operate in the most remote areas a motion picture shooting can happen
3   External SAS LTO port
An SFF-8644 HD-SAS connector with four channels of 12Gbps SAS or 6Gbps SATA ports allows to connect an optional external single or dual LTO-7 together with 40W of +5v and +12v power supply. New ThunderPack™ can accommodate additionally a Hard Disk pass through for an additional external two disk runner disk raid set
4   Extra USB-3 ports
Internal Thunderbolt™ 2 adapter to USB-3 with full 2A power capabilities allows you to connect extra external devices at full speed such as portable disks and card readers

Novel workflows and powerful Video I/O

The capability to use tablets and smartphones has become imperative in the modern digital film production set. ThunderPack™ provides users with the ability to access stored data and proxies via Wireless and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity thereby enabling the use of new workflows and on-site user interaction models. Combined with the appropriate Video Assist software and wireless camera video recording over IP hardware novel workflows can be implemented on-set. An editor on location may also work by having access to shared rushes or proxies using a secondary MacBook Pro™ through Gigabit wire speed. All networking hardware are integrated in the system, which is ready to accept connections in less than a minute after power-on. ThunderPack can carry an AJA™ io-4k or a BlackMagic™ Design Mini Monitor for color grading work. AJA io-4k with two HD-SDI and one external genlock input, HD-SDI and HDMI outs, along with two-channel audio allows dual camera real time video assist applications like Q-Take™ to run in addition to other high-end apps.

1   WiFi and Gigabit
Integrated WiFi 2Ghz/5Ghz access point with DHCP server together with sophisticated bandwidth management bundled with a three port Gigabit Ethernet Switch, connectivity that can go everywhere you go
2   Powerful Video I/O
Ability to choose between a BlackMagic Design Mini Monitor with just video output for your preview needs or to select the AJA io-4k model with dual 3G HD-SDI inputs able to record a dual camera setup using apps like Q-Take
3   Quiet as a whisper
Cooling system designed to be as quiet as possible. ThunderPack is designed with acoustic attenuation techniques, sound traps are everywhere, even in air intakes. Despite the use 11 fans internally to control airflow you hardly know if it’s running when on batteries
4   Shock absorbing wheels
Detachable wheels system is provided as a standard component of every ThunderPack™. Its unique design based in a silicone shock absorber inserted between the wheel arm and wheel base ensures smooth transport in every day use

Carbon Fiber or Aluminium work surfaces

Typically in a production when moving from location to location its normal to have carts, tables, chairs etc. But this is not always possible. ThunderPack is designed to host a special set of working surfaces that fit in the extracted handle giving the versatility of a cart or a table without the size and weight. This design allows ThunderPack to be the most portable DIT workstation ever made. Carbon Fiber tables including integrated LTO-7 device are weight no more than 3,8Kg (8,4lb). A backpack with everything needed gets to be a realistic option. Available also are the lower cost but much heavier, stronger for everyday use Aluminium tables.

1   Quick mount system
On every work surface there is a quick mount mechanism that allows fast and easy set-up in users preferred position. Height can be adjusted within a range easily.
2   Element BK mount
A Tangent Element BK mounting work surface specially designed to give the ergonomically correct angle for user to work and comes together with a neoprene sleeve bag with a foam insert to carry additionally Element BK device
3   MacBook & Mouse mount
Two work surfaces ergonomically designed one that fits a MacBook Pro retina with a Velcro™ securing strap and a second one designed to hold a mouse in the correct position for the user to work with a special mouse pad. Both come together with neoprene sleeve bags
4   LTO-7 mount
A unique design of an external LTO-7 mounted under an auxiliary work surface that you can use to mount all card readers and removable disks you may use in your workflow. Included is a neoprene sleeve bag. On request we can provide dual LTO system.