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ThunderPack RAID

The feature film production disk array

A super fast RAID array based on ARECA™ Thunderbolt™ 2 technology, populated with 24 removable 2.5” drive bays, capable of reaching the vast capacity of 96TB (RAID-0) or 88TB (RAID-6). Due to the number of disks used, the maximum Τhunderbolt data transfer rate of >1300MB/sec is achieved, even when using low cost hard disks. The combination of minimum power usage and the integrated 588Wh Li-ion battery UPS provides the crew with the freedom of at least 6 hours run time. Power sources can be: 88-264V AC mains or generator electricity, 12V DC battery or vehicle power, or any <160W 12V solar panel. The 12G SAS port with power to operate up to two optional external LTO-7 devices is important for long form productions.

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ThunderPack BMD

Your DIT on-set datacenter

ThunderPack BMD has the same features as the RAID model, with the addition of connectivity and networking capabilities. It includes: a Blackmagic Design™ Ultrastudio mini monitor video out card allowing the connection of a HD-SDI or HDMI director’s monitor, a Thunderbolt™ 2 technology to Gigabit Ethernet adapter and two additional full-power USB-3 ports sharing the same thunderbolt chain, an integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch (two external/one internal port), a sophisticated dual band WiFi router/access point (2.5GHz/5GHz) with DHCP server and load balancing. These specifications provide you with the ability to share data and perform on-set editing when working outdoors by connecting and using computers and/or tablets.

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ThunderPack AJA

Your dual cam Video Assist all-arounder

Same as ThunderPack BMD but instead of a Blackmagic Design™ Ultrastudio has an integrated AJA™ io-4K Thunderbolt 2™ adapter that allows the operation of video assist software like Q-take™ in a dual camera setup. The high performance array of the system allows concurrent recording and playing from two cameras or even recording dual link RAW images. The vast array capacity, the wireless connectivity and the long battery-backed autonomous operation render ThunderPack a true “must have” flexible and powerful production tool.

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ThunderPack CUST

A Swiss army knife fit to your needs

The CUSTomizable ThunderPack has the same features as the BMD model, excluding the Black Magic Video card. It has an internal free payload area of 229mm x 38mm x 103mm (9x4x1.5 inches) instead, where various devices may be installed based on your requirements. It also bares six free Neutrik I/O connection positions on the front panel. For example, a Fujifilm™ LUT box along with an UltraStudio mini monitor may fit in the internal free payload area, including all I/O BNCs. These devices’ USB and Ethernet ports may be connected to the ThunderPack’s spare internal USB and Ethernet ports. You just need to indicate the devices you would like to integrate with your new ThunderPack when you place your order.